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Happy New Year! It has become a New Year’s tradition that I lock myself in my office on the morning of January 1st and pore over the MLS statistics for the Port Alberni and Sproat Lake real estate markets. The result is the first addition of The Fenton Report for 2019. In the report, we go over: the stats for single family homes sales in the greater Alberni Valley; waterfront home stats for Sproat Lake; City of Port Alberni building lot stats; the over-under listing price stats; and historical MLS stats for the greater Alberni Valley.

Historical Real Estate Stats for Port Alberni

Here is an overview of the report. Acomplete version of The Fenton Report is available in a PDF version. I hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

Overall, the number of sales in the greater Alberni

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If I had to use one word to describe the 2018 Port Alberni real estate market, I would use the word 'balance'. If given a second word, I'd add on 'transition'. After 4+ years of a market moving, more-and-more, into a Seller Market, we appear to be in a time of transition to a more balanced market.

The number of home sales in the Alberni Valley has declined significantly this year, in comparison to last year. Meanwhile, inventory (the number of houses on the market) remains historically low. The result has been a move towards a more balanced market.

Without further adieu let's a take a look at the real estate stats for the greater Alberni Valley for single family home sales (excluding waterfront) for November 2018.


Port Alberni

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South Alberni is Port Alberni's largest neighborhood nearest to the ocean and South Alberni is an area of highly sought after ocean view character homes. Further up the hill is Port Alberni's largest and quietest contemporary residential neighborhood. Because South Alberni is largely residential it tends to be a quiet neighborhood. Typically there is only local traffic on most streets. As a South Alberni resident myself when I wake up in the morning the only thing I hear is the birds singing in the surrounding forest.

Another perk is the access to the nature trails all over South Alberni. South Alberni has a whole lot to offer in addition to peace and quiet. The uptown core is a commercial district that is being revitalized and has a wide array

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What an incredibly beautiful fall we're having! I'm not sure I ever remember a fall quite this warm and sunny. One of my favourite thing about the fall is that it is a time of change, and while every season is a time of change, the changes we see in the fall are dramatic. There is nothing like driving by Cameron Lake when the leaves have all changed colour!

Port Alberni Real Estate Market Update - October 2018

Just like the weather, the real estate market changes in the fall. It's a time when there are a few less transactions each month, but far fewer listings. For this reason I have long held the belief that the fall is the best time of year to sell a home. This year however, even the fall market is changing from years past. The number of sales is down dramatically, and the number of new listings

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With autumn here, there is plenty to do in Port Alberni in October! Check out the information below provided by Port Alberni’s Community Website. And visit the link below for more information. Get out there and have fun

Things to do in The Alberni Valley October 2018

Sue Decker - Slide Guitar at Char’s Landing 

Where: Char’s Landing, 4815 Argyle Street, Port Alberni

When: Friday, October 5, 2018 - 7:30pm

What is it: Sue Decker’s soulful voice and slide guitar enthrall the listener while travelling through territory that is earthy and beautiful, sometimes dark and gritty, and always life-giving. Sue makes music that embodies the essence of early blues and folk with the songwriting sensibility of outlaw country: she is just as likely to meet her muse in a Bessie Smith record as she is at

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Welcome to the Alberni Valley, home of Vancouver Island’s premier warm water lake. The waters of this popular British Columbia vacation destination are so clear that you can easily see thirty feet down. Waterfront homes, cabins and lots dot the shoreline, but the majority of Sproat Lake’s 140 kilometers of foreshore remains uninhabited, and is lined by beaches and beautiful Douglas fir forests. Road access to Sproat Lake is a short distance from Highway 4, the highway that connects the rest of Vancouver Island to world famous Ucluelet, Tofino and Long Beach. Thousands of tourists stop to enjoy the waters of Sproat Lake every year on their way to the Pacific Rim. Needless to say, Sproat Lake offers top-notch warm water swimming, water skiing,

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Port Alberni Historic Real Estate Stats Graph

Overall sales in the greater Alberni Valley were down for the first half of 2018 when compared to the previous year. For the purposes of our statistical analysis we have used the actual average sale price for the first half. However, when graphing the units sold in the chart below, we projected the sales based on a simple doubling of the first half numbers. It seems the number of single family homes sold in the Alberni Valley (Port Alberni, Sproat Lake, Cherry Creek, and Beaver Creek) will ultimately fall below last year’s all-time record. The average sale price for single family homes in the Alberni Valley was however the highest in history. At Sproat Lake, both the average sale price and median sale price were up significantly from the previous

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Since you’re reading this, you probably know that we’re a Vancouver Island real estate marketing team operating out of Port Alberni. One of the aspects of operating a real estate marketing company, which is often overlooked, is using our marketing skills to promote the community we live in. Everyone knows that a good real estate marketing company is going to have a solid plan for marketing individual homes. However, because many of the people we help buy property in Port Alberni come from afar, they often start by researching the community first. Therefore, I believe a really good real estate marketing company should also have a great plan in place to showcase their community.

Discover Port Alberni

The problem we faced in Port Alberni is that there is a distinct lack of

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With summer here, there is plenty to do in Port Alberni in June! Check out the information below provided by Port Alberni’s Community Website. And visit the link below for more information. Get out there and have fun!

Things to Do in Port Alberni 2018

Naesgaard's Market Picks Peas

Where: Naesgaard’s Farm & Market, 5681 Mary Street, Port Alberni

When: Saturday June 2, 2018 - 9:00am to 6:30pm

What is it: Picking first peas of season today ...also nugget potatoes and strawberries. Browse Naesgaard's shop & greenhouses for fashions, plants & decor.

Beaver "Tail" Gate BBQ Party

Where: Beaver Creek Hall, 8505 Beaver Creek Rd, Port Alberni

When: Saturday June 2, 2018 - 6:00pm to 1:00am

What is it: Party starts at 6pm with an outdoor BBQ ($5), beer garden and not live

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The first four month of 2018 have been characterized by a significant shortage of inventory in the Alberni Valley real estate market. This shortage of inventory is more noticeable in certain price segments than others. For that reason, last month I broke the market stats into price segments, to better help you understand what is going on in the market. To summarize those finding: there is an incredible shortage of homes for sale under $300,000, while the $500,000+ price range has a very healthy inventory.  

Port Alberni Real Estate Update May 2018

This month I want to go back and look at traditional statistics for single family homes in the Greater Alberni Valley (excluding waterfront properties). This is what we found for April:


April 2018

April 2017

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