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As you’ve heard from our team before, we are convinced that Port Alberni represents an amazing real estate investment opportunity. However, the opportunity is only one part of the path to investment success; another is understanding how real estate investors think.

How Investors Think

The first way we will be hearing about it is how investors know their ‘Why” in investing. You need to know “why”, and or “what”, the drive is behind your desire to achieve financial wealth. Successful investors always have a personal reason they want to achieve success. This is the force behind their drive. For some of us its financial independence allowing us to retire and travel, for others it’s to help support an elderly parent or a disabled child, or maybe it’s to provide your

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As real estate agents working in Port Alberni we often find that the biggest hurdle when starting out as a real estate investor is that first purchase. Like anything else we have many questions, and apprehensions, when starting down a new road in life. However, that first purchase very often starts a "snowball effect" as your success  compounds over time.

Real Estate Investment Momentum

That first investment is the biggest hurdle, because many of us start our investments off small, and can’t picture them ever amounting to anything larger.  Patience is the key, to watch small investments grow over time. Like a snowball your investment will begin to build as: (1) the rent pays down the mortgage; (2) the market increases over time; and (3) you improve the investment through sweat

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Last week, Chris Fenton presented an article that talked about common myths associated with how potential investors see themselves. Today I will continue along similar lines by discussing five common myths around how we look at investing itself.

The first myth we will discuss is the belief that investing is too complicated! Investing often appears more complicated than it is.  With all the books, videos and seminars readily available to the public one can easily become overwhelmed.  However if you take it slow and start with the basics you will begin with a solid foundation of knowledge. Developing a list of steps to go over, and taking one step at a time helps one not to become overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

The second myth we will discuss

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Investing in real estate can be very lucrative – especially in a market like Port Alberni where real estate prices are still relatively low, but steadily rising. Interestingly, the thing that most often stands in the way of a potential investor getting started, is the way they think about themselves. There are three common myths around how we think about ourselves when it comes to investing in real estate.

The first myth is believing you don’t need to invest and that your employment will provide all your needed income. Only a very small percentage of people earn enough income through their jobs to achieve financial wealth, and even the thrifty savers that set aside any extra dollars only ever end up with a nest egg to support basic needs. Many

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Investors from all over North America have long recognized Port Alberni as a great real estate investment opportunity. Back in 2004, I attended a real estate investment seminar in downtown Vancouver that was held by a renowned investment guru, and specifically singled out Port Alberni has a place to invest. The market was relatively low back then, and climbing, making it a great place to invest for appreciation or cash flow. Interestingly we find ourselves in similar market conditions today.

Port Alberni Real Estate Investment

On a daily basis our team is talking to people all over the country who are interested in investing in Port Alberni. It is remarkable how few of those potential investors are local to Port Alberni. The people of Port Alberni are sitting on a rare investment

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There is no other investment opportunity that gives you the combination of predictability and profitability afforded by real estate investing. If you have decided to embark on the road to becoming a successful real estate investor there are three key areas of focus that you will need a clear plan for.

Three Key Areas of Focus for Real Estate Investing

The first area of focus in your journey should be figuring out what to buy; the characteristics of what you require in a good investment property. These characteristics include things like location, unit size, number of doors, and condition. These characteristics become your criteria; criteria that you will want to learn to stick to with discipline. Clearly identifying the criteria up front will quickly filter out properties that don’t represent the

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To my way of thinking, as a professional helping people sell and buy real estate in Port Alberni, there is nothing more important than location. It is the single most important factor that will affect your property’s current value, future value, and your enjoyment of the property in between.

Port Alberni Real Estate Locations

It all starts with the land your home is built on. The exact same sized lots, in different areas, will have drastically different values. It follows that if you built the exact same house on two similar lots in different neighbourhoods, the homes would immediately have different values based on the value of the land.

Taking it a step further, different neighbourhoods have different levels of potential. For example, if you built a 4,000 sq.ft. house in a

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As a real estate agent one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Should I hire a professional home inspector when I buy a property in Port Alberni?”  Along with being one of the most common questions I’m asked, it’s also one of the easiest to answer – YES! 

Real Estate Inspections

The money you spend purchasing a professional home inspection is among the best money you will ever spend. Let me put my answer another way: Knowing everything I know about buying real estate, I would never personally buy a house without first having it inspected!

Home inspections allow you to scrutinize the details of the home and save you from unpleasant surprises.  They allow you to make your final decision to buy with a lot more information.  You’ll notice I didn’t say they will

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As a real estate agent working in Port Alberni I have helped many people buy homes with the intent of fixing them up and selling them for a profit. The types of people who take on this challenge vary from professional contractors to weekend warriors. We have clients who have been very successful making a profit and others who have not. Interestingly, the persons skill set is not usually the determining factor for success. A solid game plan, and an openness to seek and heed professional advice, is far more important in my experience. 

Finding the Right Project

Finding the right project house is the foundation of success. The old adage, “buy the worst house, on the best street”, is a good place to begin. In my experience, the importance of location is

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This is part three of a blog on the topic of real estate investing in Port Alberni.  We left off after part two having examined real estate speculating in the Alberni Valley.  There is, of course, a more risk adverse way of earning profit from real estate, and that is real estate investing. 

A real estate investor buys real estate with the goal of earning a profit from the rental revenue.  The question naturally becomes how do you identify a good real estate investment?  From an investment analysis standpoint the way to do this is through a process called Capitalization.  The Capitalization process will give you a Capitalization Rate (often called a “cap rate”) that allows you to easily compare apples to apples. 

The Capitalization process starts by

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