Alberni Valley Climate

The Alberni Valley enjoys one of the best climates in all of Canada. Located in the heart of Vancouver Island, the City of Port Alberni is an oceanfront mountain valley community. Stop and think about that for a second. An oceanfront…mountain… There are few places on earth that can boast those three descriptive words in the same sentence. Yet it is this seeming paradox that gives Port Alberni both its splendid natural beauty and warm climate.

Port Alberni Climate

If you look at a map of Vancouver Island you will notice that Port Alberni is at the heart of the island, and much closer to the east coast then it is to the west coast. Yet the Alberni Valley has a climate more in keeping with the west coast. This is thanks to its unique geography and the 40km Alberni Inlet which connects the city to the Pacific Ocean, via the truly awe-inspiring Barkley Sound.

The Alberni Valley's moderate costal climate affords the opportunity to experience the great outdoors year-round. The valley has sunny and mild summers with temperatures between 9 and 23 degrees Celsius, and little or no snow in the winters with temperatures between 0 to 7 degrees Celcius. And yet while the low lying City of Port Alberni receives gets little winter snow, the snow-capped mountains are never more than a short drive away. The mean monthly rainfall in the Alberni Valley is 157 mm and the total annual snowfall 121 cm.