Craving all the flavor and convenience of takeout? In the mood for some Chinese? Try takeaway from  Port Alberni’s Wait You restaurant located at the 10th avenue plaza. 

Located beside Alport Insurance Agency and Subway, Wait You has become a popular lunch and dinner spot for the people of Port Alberni. Hot, fresh, and tasty Chinese food is served here in plentiful portions. The food is consistent, and the quality is good. The service is always very friendly, and the owners have worked extremely hard to make their restaurant one of the best in town. The food is so popular here in Port Alberni, that there is a lineup to order weekdays and weekends. The service, due to Covid, is takeout only. Delivery is not an option, but the wait time for food is not exceedingly long and orders can be made from the comfort of home. 

One of the sell out dishes is the BBQ pork. Juicy cuts of pork are basted in a tangy yet sweet BBQ sauce. Often paired with fried rice, this dish is both tasty and affordable. However, the BBQ pork sells out fast! Make sure to place your order before 6:00pm. 

Another Port Alberni favorite is the Szechuan beef and chicken. Crispy and full of delicious flavor, this dish blends the perfect mix of spice and ginger.  Add in a side of chop suey and a spring roll or two, with chicken balls and Chow Mein and you have a filling and delicious meal for more than one. In addition, due to the large portion sizes, you may have leftovers for another lunch or dinner. 

For those craving lighter fare, the menu offers wonton soup with and without seafood and wonton noodle soup. The broth of these soups is always steaming, and the dumplings are packed with pork. 

For vegetarians there is a large selection of delicious menu items: broccoli with garlic sauce, mixed vegetables with black bean and curry sauce, salt and pepper tofu, tofu with curry and black bean sauce.  

The ambiance is casual and laidback.  The hour of operation is from 11:30 am to 8:00pm Monday- Friday and 3-8pm Saturday. 

 Try a takeaway from Wait You. It is a Port Alberni favorite and for good reason. Affordable dishes made with the love and care.