Overall sales in the greater Alberni Valley were down for the first half of 2018 when compared to the previous year. For the purposes of our statistical analysis we have used the actual average sale price for the first half. However, when graphing the units sold in the chart below, we projected the sales based on a simple doubling of the first half numbers. It seems the number of single family homes sold in the Alberni Valley (Port Alberni, Sproat Lake, Cherry Creek, and Beaver Creek) will ultimately fall below last year’s all-time record. The average sale price for single family homes in the Alberni Valley was however the highest in history. At Sproat Lake, both the average sale price and median sale price were up significantly from the previous year. Bare land sales remained relatively flat when compared to last year. In fact, the average price per sq.ft. for City of Port Alberni lots decreased from $7.60/sq.ft. to $5.43 /sq.ft.

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