One of the biggest potential markets for Port Alberni real estate is people who don’t even know they want to move here…yet. We have long said that the weather network is the best marketing machine available for the Alberni Valley. Every year, when the big freeze sets in across most of this great nation, we get calls from those of you living across Canada. In one variation or another, you tell us that you’re stuck inside listening to your house groan under the stress of the intense cold, and you noticed on TV it’s almost t-short weather in Port Alberni. 

As a fun exercise I thought I’d check todays’ weather across each province in Canada. As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny day in Port Alberni and the thermometer is reading 17 degrees.  In case those of you in Yellowknife don’t believe me, I’ll turn my chair and snap a photo for you with my phone.

Honestly, its Sunny and Warm in Port Alberni

Now let’s take a look at those temperatures:

City Temperature   Weather   Avg. House Sale $ (Sept. 2015)
 Port Alberni 17 Sunny $188,795
 Calgary 8 Cloudy $443,768
 Edmonton Rainy  $368,874
 Winnipeg  10  Cloudy $274,541 
 Regina Cloudy  $303,025 
 Toronto 10  Cloudy  $627,940 
 Quebec City Cloudy  $267,940 
 Halifax Cloudy  $286,698 
 Fredericton Sunny  $175,982 
 St. Johns Cloudy  $310,982 
 Charlottetown     Cloudy  $146,079 
 Whitehorse Cloudy  $344,790 
 Yellowknife -2  Snowy  $402,089 
 Iquluit -8  Cloudy   

As you can see, I threw in the average sale price for single family homes for fun. To be fair, I used the capital city for each province, and Port Alberni does not have the same amenities as many of those cities. But, then again we also don’t have the same traffic problems and air quality issues either!

We love it here in our coastal valley paradise. In a few weeks, when the mercury dips below zero across most of Canada, the rest of the country will be thinking you’d love it too! By all means watch the weather on TV and browse homes for sale on the internet, but be sure to come and visit too.  You may just never leave.